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The concept  of Inspiring Designs in Eco-Friendly Green   is the brand of our company. Inspiring Designs in life that naturally benefit a healthy lifestyle for you and your family!

Growing up with a textiles inspired family, Tanja D’lyn recognized the comfort and love of quality natural fibers! “ We had a small farm and company of hand-spun yarns, cotton and specialty fibers. Watching my mother knit and sew clothes most of my life, encouraged me to be creative”. With an art degree in Fashion & Design, an AA in Business & Marketing, and a BS in Family Studies & Child Psychology, she has successfully designed many wonderful children’s wear, home accessory lines and is studied in the art of a living green family life style.

This mother of three boys began creating handmade, clothing for children, when her own children were young. “ Our children were allergic to everything to include the chemicals put into fabrics to “ keep them safe”.

The company then “Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Wear LTD”, focused on pajamas, and robes, and blankets that were made with all cotton-natural materials and fibers.

As the Care contributor from 2010 to 2012 of   Modernhandmadechild.com, she brought her enthusiastic, living green attitude and ideas to life. Helping family’s focus, on healthy life style choices.


Inspiring design studio, LLC, was born in 2008 on { Etsy } and its philosophy of leaving a green footprint is very important.

From their tissue paper, supplies, and reuse of shipping materials, to the use of all natural and cotton fabrics for their products, they are intentional of a concept in business that leans into and inspires others in this living green life style.

Inspiring Design Studio's products are designed by Tanja D'lyn and are exclusive TM patterns of inspiring design studio, llc.

This year we launched our fabric store  on { Etsy } , and our { DIY blog } that shares DIY tutorials, Eco-friendly projects,  and ideas for living a Green Life!  Inspiring Designs in life that naturally benefit a healthy lifestyle for you and your family!

It is our passion, in Eco-friendly-fabrics and handmade designs that leads this company in green!

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Tanja D'lyn

Founder & Designer


Gary Gallinger


Inspiring Design Studio, llc

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