5 Tips For Fun Fall Family Kitchen Play Time by Tanja D’lyn

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5 Fall Family Kitchen Play Time Tips by Tanja D'lyn

5 Fall Family Kitchen Play Time Tips by Tanja D'lyn

Here are 5 Tips To Fun Fall Family Kitchen Play Time, by Tanja D'lyn

They say the best way to a heart is through,"  yummy foodie recipes! ".  Here are some fun ways you can create fun family kitchen play time with your child.

1- First step in having fun in the kitchen is dressing up in  fun aprons:

 " Mommy & Me" Aprons, so cute and available in many different prints for any Holiday, by Tanjadlyn.etsy.com

What a great way to teach a child the importance of keeping a clean kitchen and having fun at the same time!

2-Second step is to create the space:

Here is our favorite fun DIY designer and a great place to get ideas, by Dinah Wulf-DIY Inspired.com

Enjoy looking through her re-purposed and up-cycled ideas to create the perfect fun play kitchen room.

3- Third step is to make a few things together to play with while you wait for baking time:

Here is our favorite recipe for fun slime play-dough, by Little Bins for Little Hands

Keep your kids busy while waiting for the baking time!

4- Fourth step is to make a recipe that is warm and delicious:

Here is one of our favorite recipes for Gluten-Free pumpkin bread, by Dashofsanity.com

A quick bread that is deliciously spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, & cloves.  The Key is simple and fast!

5- Fifth step is to eat it up! Sharing this yummy food with the whole family!

Recipes with family and kids are the most memorable kitchen fun times, ever.

Enjoy  Your Fun Fall Family Kitchen Play Time!

What's  your family favorite recipe?

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Eco Friendly Kids Robes, Towels And Gifts


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Dive Into Summer With These Kids-Summer-Crafts!

When I think of summer it always brings, me back to a place in my childhood where there was a pool! Where swimming, Popsicle’s, and lots of Kids-Summer-Crafts filled our days!  Here are a few of our inspired, treasures from our favorite finds and our mom blogs that we love to follow!  We hope you Dive Into these Kids-Summer-Crafts with as much zeal, as we had creating them!

by Tanja D’lyn

Kids summer Crafts

Dive Into Summer Crafts!

Series #4  in Our Kids-Summer-Crafts, Play, & Foodie Finds for Family!

This summer we hope you have a chance to go on an adventure, maybe a beach, park, or pool side vacation!  Memories of summer seem to last a life time! Our family loves going to different beaches each year!  Our favorite is Canon Beach,Oregon!  We fly kites, ride sand-bikes, build sand castles, collect shells, play games and enjoy our family time!

In this weeks, series, Kids-Summer-Crafts, Play & Foodie Finds for Family,  we added some fun things to try with your family, that reminded us of the beach.  And our catchy title of our photo image “Swim Fishy Swim”, is a game we play as a group with all of our friends!

The Cute Shark Robe, is from our Handmade Kids Robes, and is one of our biggest hits for little ones, whom love the beach!

Our terry cover-ups are perfect for any beach, swim, bath or vacation situation!

Take a peek at our Favorite Mom Blog’s Trending Now!

Each of these, has a special place in my heart, and brings me down memory lane! There is nothing like, beach robes, homemade Popsicles and “starry nights a glow”!

Have fun, with some of these Kids-Summer-Crafts, Foodie Finds and Activities!

Happy Summer!

1-Kids Beach Robes, by Tanjadlyn.etsy.com

2-Patriotic Ice Pops, by hipmamasplace.com

3-Aquarium DIY: Mason Jar Nite Lights, by thetiptoefairy.com

4-Kids Fabric Batik Art, by thimbleandtwig.com 

Where is your favorite beach, or summer memory?

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Eco Friendly Kids Robes, Towels And Gifts

Party In The USA: Family Fun Ideas!

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Happy 4th of July: Celebrate the 4th with some of our Favorite things!  by Tanja D’lyn

Series #3  in Our Play, Craft and Foodie Finds for Family!

We love the 4th of July, and our family loves to play in the back yard!  Green Crafts, to make with your kids, healthy muffins, and fun swimwear and beach wear for kids to play in !

Enjoy your 4th, and your family!

1-Fun 4th of July Crafts, by celebratewomantoday.com
2-Kids USA Beach Robes, by Tanjadlyn.etsy.com
3-Kids USA Swimwear, by LilBooApparel.etsy.com

4.-4th of July Healthy Vegan cupcakes, by ChocolateCoveredKatie.com

What’s Your Favorite Trends for the 4th of July?

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