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How To Green-It-Up! 10 Tips For Gardening Success!

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10 Tips for Gardening Success: by Tanja D’lyn 

1. Get rid of weeds and rake well by turning soil over or tilling ground.

2. Add fresh compost from last year.

3. Design your planting strategy.

4. Buy Starts from local markets.

5. Add deer/bunny netting.

6. Plant in rows, using your planting strategy.

7. Water  mornings and nights.

8. Feed plants along the way { ground nutrients }.

9. Pick weeds along the way.

10. Trim/Prune.


The Family Garden…. is a group project!

Our  secret “Garden Trick”….  we have a personal ” Bunny Chaser”.

Dakota, toada, also goes by Toada-pop!

Happy Summer Gardening, From our Family!

Post your Secret Garden Trick!





Share Us With Your Friends!